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If you want to develop a set of freeing, healthy and natural voice exercises that are applicable in any situation to help YOU...

If you want to discover truthfulness on stage or in front of a camera, find your natural impulses so that you can effortlessly...

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Understand us, discover your own unlimited potential, understand how we can help you. Come watch our video.
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Yu Bin: “For me, the value of this class not only lies within the classroom; Warren has taught me that to be a working a...
Louis: “Through rehearsing repeatedly, the work we’ve done on monologues has helped me learn how to work freely off the ...
Aaron: “To be honest, in this first year of learning, your [Warren’s] class is not only a voice class, but an extremely ...
Yi Ning: “I feel this class has helped me tremendously. The voice warmup and the acting principles are practical and val...
Han Chen: “Warren, I really love the atmosphere you create in your classes. You also respect each person. This allows us...
Yi Lin: “When I am on the floor doing Diagonal Stretch, I feel that my voice is especially free and natural. I feel my b...
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Register to sample three hours‍ free taster session. Discount details: 1. Pre-order ten or more sessions (1 hour per session) and get 20% off  2. Online classes: 20% off
I am delighted to have been invited by Ding Dong Music and my good friend, Ms. Yin, to their 2022 New Year Music Competition as a judge and guest. Bravo to all who participated - especially to all ...
I am delighted to share that I participated in the Night Gala Event of China's number one online audio platform, Ximalaya. This is a celebration of the human voice in which musicians, artists, star...
“The Adventures and Challenges of Trailblazing the Linklater Voice Work in China”I am very excited to be able to share my insights and experiences regarding the past few years trailblazing the Link...
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