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Do you want to develop a free, healthy and natural voice? Do you want to be able to speak confidently under any circumstances? Do you want to easily embody a powerful voice?

Do you want to discover truthfulness on a stage or in front of a camera? Do you want to find natural impulses that allow you to freely and easily work off the other person from moment to moment? Do you want to be a flexible actor who can adjust to and meet all the requirements of a director?

Do you want to clearly and specifically express yourself in English? Do you want to learn words and phrases that are appropriately tailored to your current needs? Do you want to be able to fluently communicate with your boss, client or audience in English?

Online Class Format
Long distance learning 1-2-1 or a group

You are welcome to record the lesson in video format for review purposes - long distance learning made easy.

Offline Class Format
Offline learning 1-2-1 or a group
Inspire and nurture your imagination, acting technique, presentation skills and vocal technique.
Welcome to the Chu Voice And Acting Class
Understand us, discover your own unlimited potential, understand how we can help you. Come watch our video.
Student Testimonials
Yu Bin: “For me, the value of this classnot only lies within the classroom; Warren has taught me that to be a workingact...
Aaron: “To be honest, in this first year oflearning, your [Warren’s] class is not only a voice class, but an extremely h...
Sheng Qi: “I really like the classatmosphere – it feels free and happy. Whenever I do the voice warmup, my voicefeels na...
Yi Ning: “I feel this class has helped metremendously. The voice warmup and the acting principles are practical andvalua...
Han Chen: “Warren, I really love theatmosphere you create in your classes. You also respect each person. Thisallows us t...
Yi Lin: “When I am on the floor doingDiagonal Stretch, I feel that my voice is especially free and natural. I feelmy bre...
Class In Action
Affiliated Institutions
Royal Central School of Speech and Drama    
Shanghai Theatre Academy
Meisner Institute
Linklater Voice Centre
Introducing the Meisner ActingTechnique and Chu Acting Method Sanford Meisner’s Meisner Acting Techniqueis an incrementa...
Introducing the Linklater Voice Method: Strengths and Who Is It Suitable ForImagine this scenario: You are standing on a...
我现在才真真理解上戏不只是一个非常专业的工作环境,上戏也是我的家。我没想到我会得到这个荣誉。谢谢你,上海戏剧学院。 作为一位上戏的老师,我最终的目的是找到一套简单,直接和有效的教学方式来教学生。我到现在还是不停的调整我的教学方式– 比如说怎
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