Linklater Voice Class

If you want to develop a set of freeing, healthy and natural voice exercises that are applicable in any situation to help YOU gain confidence in expressing yourself – and to help you discover an effortlessly powerful and healthy voice, this course is for you!

The aims of the Linklater voice classes can be divided into three main steps: “Relax, Release, Strengthen.”   First relax, breathe and spark your imagination; then release your impulses through your voice and body; finally, it is strengthening your voice and exploring other vocal options.


1-2-1 is RMB 600 / US $91 / £66 per hour.

Group classes: RMB 180 / US $27 / £20 per person per hour.

Register to sample three hours free taster session.

Discount details (please choose one):

1. Pre-order ten or more sessions (1 hour per session) and get 20% off

2. Online classes: 20% off

First Module:

Learn how to relax and free your vibrations

Physical Awareness: Stretching, yawning, slapping skin, massaging muscles, spine awareness

Breath Awareness: Sigh of relief, humming, floor work

Freeing Vibrations: Lips, head, neck, body

Freeing the Channel: Free jaw muscles, soft palate and tongue to allow you to safely embody increasingly bigger impulses

Voice Perspective: How to tackle improvisations and scripts (Part 1)

Within Imaginary Circumstances: Opening your heart, voice and body

Second Module:

Learn how to strengthen and expand your vocal options; explore different characters’ vocal choices.

Review of the First Module’s Material

Resonating Ladder: Chest, mouth and teeth

Calling and Swings: Safely and effectively call

Breathing Gym: Vacuuming your lungs, partnered rib exercises

Sinus Resonator: “Whey! Hey!”

Nasal Resonator: “Mi-meh-mai!”

Exploring Your Vocal Range: From the lowest to medium parts of your vocal range

Skull Resonator: Imagining your voice is a rocket

Swings and Articulation: Clear and freely speaking

Students Record Voice Warmups: 1. Fast 5-minute version all in standing. 2. Deeper 10-minute version that includes floor work

Learn to Adapt Your Voice According to the Demands of Your Environment: Differing demands of stage, film, television, interviews and lectures

Voice Perspective: How to tackle improvisations and scripts (Part 2)

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